Selective A Web DeveloperSo it’s finally time to do something with your website.  That either means you’re building one from scratch or giving your current site an upgrade.  Selecting a web developer can be tricky business.  Especially if it’s your first time.   Sure, you could do a Google search for “web design firm” but that’s going to give you quite a bit more than you probably know what do to with… over 13 million results.  No good.  So how should you select who you’re going to work with?  Here’s a few things that may help.

  1. Do They Have A Good Name? – Do a Google or Better Business Bureau search for the folks your considering.  Did you get back a bunch of negative results and comments?  You may want to go in another direction, or at the very least ask the vendor for an explanation.
  2. The Almighty Dollar – Price.  Personally I think way too many people put way too much emphasis on price when it comes to web design.  But I guess that’s because I know how many really bad IT and web developers there are out there.  As with any business, web design and development follows the laws of supply and demand.  Higher price may lead you to someone who only deals with large clients.  They may not even be interested in your work (believe me… it happens).  And even if they do take you on as a client they may take quite a while to get done.  Super low low prices may suggest someone who’s doing web design as a side job.  Make sure you get your questions answered and that you know who you’re dealing with.
  3. Comfort Level – Do you know why people do business with their friends, family, etc?  It’s because they’re comfortable with them.  They trust them to give them a fair deal and good work.  The overwhelming majority of our clients are regular clients.  They love the work we do for them and our attention to detail.  We bend over backwards for them to make sure they’re happy.  We’d love to do that for you too.  But don’t taker our word for it.  We’ll stand behind whatever they say.
  4. It’s Too Good To Be True – A vendor that promises you specific search engine rankings or sales results is trying to sell you something.  Plain and simple.  When it comes to organic (natural) search rankings its simply impossible to guarantee rankings.  The reasons for this are far too extensive to get into in this post, but please just trust me.   If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Your project is important, and once you make the decision to go for it you should do just that.  However, there are a TON of potential web developers out there.  Take the time to figure out who you’re giving your business to.  You’ll be much happier with your end results.  When you’re ready to get started please contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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