Five Industries Threatened By Disruption


Technology is threatening almost any industry. There’s no doubt about it. However, some industries will suffer from technological disruption sooner than others. The best way to deal with tech changes is to adapt to them and be resilient. Some of the industries that have embraced disruption are still on the … Continue reading

Working From Home?

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Most likely we’re all going to be affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the coming weeks / months. If you’re going to be working remotely more than you have in the past, or if you’ve never worked from home, I’d suggest you get yourself an account from I have no affiliation … Continue reading

7 Ways To Use Facebook For Marketing

Facebook Marketing

As the #1 spot where friends connect and share online, Facebook continues to be the leading area for social media sights. Facebook is more than just a friends’ meeting place, it has become a venue for companies to connect by engaging and promoting themselves. We will investigate seven ways in … Continue reading

Proud Member of the Twinsburg Chamber of Commerce

Twinsburg Chamber of Commerce Member 2019-2020

KTC Digital is a proud member of the Twinsburg Chamber of Commerce. We’ve been members since 2014 and when we recently renewed our membership they were nice enough to send us this certificate. You can find the Chamber on the web at or on Facebook at Special thanks … Continue reading