Julie Conrad Communications
Julie Conrad Communications

KTC Digital is proud to announce the completion of another project for an outstanding client – Julie Conrad!  http://www.julieconradcomm.com  Julie Conrad is a strategic communications expert with more than 15 years of experience.  She partners with organizations to define and their story.  She then provides cost and time effective activities to TELL their story.

Ms. Conrad came to KTC Digital with a vision for what her site needed to look like.  She knew it needed to be simple, straight forward and to the point.  It needed to communicate HER message to her clients and be a showcase for her talents and her work.  In addition to a great looking site, Julie wanted the site built in such a way that she could make quick updates.  We built her new site on a content management platform which allows Julie to do just that.

Features of the new website include:

  • Customized content management system (CMS)
  • Search engine optimized (SEO) pages for increased search engine visibility
  • Rotating 3 panel home splash page
  • Customer testimonial section which is editable in the CMS.

In addition to the website design and development, Julie took advantage of our website hosting services as well.  We were able to get her a new domain name and hosting plan up and running in quick order to ensure that Julie was able to get her message out before the holidays.  We were thrilled to work with Ms. Conrad on this project and look forward to seeing where she takes her site now that it’s up and running.  Thanks so much Julie!

Check out Julie Conrad Communications at http://www.julieconradcomm.com or on Twitter @julieconradcom.  Make sure to tell her KTC Digital says “Hi!”

Are you looking to update your current site?  Do you need a new website host?  We’d love to help you!  Contact us to and we’ll help you get the most out of any online property you’ve got!

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