Launched in 2004, Yelp is one of the oldest review platforms. Even though the platform has existed for a long time, it still holds its relevance. According to recent studies,, for every one-star increase a business gets on Yelp, they witness a 5-9% increase in their revenue. So yes, it has such impact and influence.

One of the main reasons Yelp reviews stand out is that people don’t want to lose their hard-earned money on something not worthy. And hence they look for reviews to make their purchase decision.

If consumers find two similar products with similar ratings, they consider buying a product with more reviews. Hence, it is important to collect as many reviews as one can. But there is another aspect of the reviews that brands often ignore: showcase reviews to your consumers. If your consumers won’t read the reviews, gathering it will be the point. And therefore, we are witnessing a trend where businesses are opting to embed Yelp reviews on website.

As people have started preferring online shopping and visiting online stores, websites are now playing a huge role for businesses. Consumers ultimately prefer visiting a brand’s website. Hence what else can be a better place for brands to showcase their reviews.

Various tools like social media aggregators provide you with an easy embedding solution. So you can find the ease and operate them with ease. And if you are still in a dilemma about this strategy, here are some of the benefits that might convince you to adopt this strategy.

Benefits of embedding Yelp reviews on your website

As the competition in the market is getting fierce with each passing day, it becomes important to adopt marketing strategies that keep the brand in the race and achieve business goals. Here are some of the major advantages of embedding Yelp reviews on website.

Builds Credibility

Trust and credibility are the foundation blocks for the customer and brand relationship. Potential customers of any brand always look for reviews before making their purchase. After all, who else can provide unbiased opinions other than the users using the product. Hence, by showcasing the reviews straight on your website, you can win your potential customer’s trust and prove your credibility. And eventually, help your consumers in their purchase decision.

Helps to increase brand reputation

When you embed Yelp reviews on the website, your brand comes out as transparent in front of your visitors. It shows that your brand is open to opinions and isn’t shy to showcase them to the world.

Brands often hide negative reviews, which eventually misleads the customers. And it also hampers the reputation of that particular brand in the market. Hence, while embedding the reviews on the website, keep in mind that you don’t hide negative reviews. Social media aggregators also provide you with a moderation feature, enabling you to remove reviews as per your relevance. So, you can use this feature to remove irrelevant and spam reviews that misguide visitors regarding your brand.

Moreover, the reviews also represent that you acknowledge the reviews from your customers. All these measures help to build a reputation in the market.

Saves your customers’ time

As mentioned above., consumers always look for reviews before making a purchase. And for that, they even browse various websites or platforms that provide them for public opinion. Moreover, many platforms might showcase fake or spam reviews that deceive readers. Or another aspect of this process is that it can be time-consuming for consumers.

So, by opting to embed Yelp reviews on the website, you can provide a one-stop to your consumers to find reviews related to your brand. They can easily visit your website, read the required reviews, and make purchase decisions.

It also helps you in building a customer-brand relationship, as it shows that you are concerned about people and provides them a hassle-free browsing experience in finding reviews related to your business.

Builds a review cycle

People tend to follow what’s trending on the internet. Blame it on peer pressure, but people tend to follow what others are doing. So, when you people get to see other consumers’ reviews on the website, it encourages them to provide reviews and enjoy their limelight on the brand’s website.

And this builds a review cycle, providing you with more reviews on your product and reviews to display on your website. And we all know that more reviews mean better brand recognition and reputation. Also, as we mentioned earlier, with more reviews, there are more chances of people choosing your product over a competitor’s brand. Such is the effect of more reviews.

Summing It Up

Reviews are considered one of the effective marketing tools for businesses, without spending heavy costing, brands get recognition in the market. By opting to embed a  Yelp review widget on website, you can provide the needed boost to the reviews. Various tools provide an easy embedding process and help you add reviews to the website. So go ahead, try these tools now, and enjoy the benefits they offer.

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