Best of 2016If you know me at all, you know I’m a web analytics geek.  I love looking at traffic numbers and seeing how that traffic flows through our website. You take take a peak back at previous “best of” lists here: 20152013 | 2012

I only managed a paltry 17 blog posts this past year which honestly is really upsetting. There’s a reason for this lack of output though… we were BUSY!  We had an outstanding year developing websites, working on SEO projects and managing social media for our clients.

I want to take this opportunity to once again thank all of our clients.  We absolutely LOVE working for you and look forward to continuing our relationships into 2017 and beyond.  I’ve said it time and time again… We don’t want to be simply a vendor… we want to be a business partner.  That singular goal drives our actions.  Thank you.

And now… The Top 10 Blog Post From 2016:

(Based On Number of Views)

#10 – Shoemaker Rigging – Updates On the Way To SEO Rankings
We start off this year’s list with a new SEO client! The folks at Shoemaker came to us with a great looking website that was built on our favorite content management system WordPress that needed some updating.

#9 – Marketing To Friends – Don’t Oversaturate Your Market
We’ve all seen it. Your friend starts a new job, a new band or a new network marketing company. Before you know it your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds are filled with pleas to try the product.

#8 – Kelly Blazek – Lessons In Professionalism and Social Media
Up from #10 last year, this continues to be a lesson in how not to behave. Head of the Cleveland Job Bank Kelly Blazek had a rough stretch when her scathing email responses went public.

#7 – Facebook Rolls Out Post Reactions
Facebook rolled out an updated “like” button that offers the ability to react. Essentially, this the “dislike” button people have been asking for.

#6 – Your Worthless Facebook Privacy Declaration
Down from #2 last year this one continues to pop up with some regularity. Rest assured, you can post all day long about how you don’t give Facebook permission to use your pictures or status. It won’t matter.

#5 – CredentialMyDoc – Easy Credentialing and Provider Enrollment
CredentialMyDoc is a secure credentialing and enrollment software that takes the hassle out of credentialing and provider enrollment process.

#4 – Hashtags And @ Mentions Explained
Up from #5 last year, an explanation of the hash tag # and the at mention @ on social media properties such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

#3 – Email – You’re Not Too Important To Answer
#3 for the second year in a row, this one continues to be near and dear to my heart. Throughout my career I’ve had to deal with WAY too many “professional” people who flat out refuse to respond to email.

#2 – Deliver On Your Commitments
Up from #4 last year, this one proves that there’s value in “doing the right thing”. Sadly there are many organizations that will do and say anything to close the deal and to make a quick buck. That includes breaking promises and not fulfilling their obligations. KTC Digital is proud to be not only a vendor to our clients, but also a partner. With that, comes a sense of obligation to our clients’ needs and a strong need to deliver on our commitments.

#1 – Your Password Has Been Changed
Holding onto the top spot for the second year in a row. When you get an email letting you know that your password has been changed, but you don’t recall making the change, you tend to worry. This post talks about a phishing scam that sent emails to people under the guise of being from Amazon.

This list just looks at blog posts we’ve written. Other pages that got a ton of visits were the home page (naturally), our services page and about me *blush*.  If you’re looking for some help with your web property or your digital marketing needs please contact us today.

Thanks for an outstanding 2016 folks.  2017 is already off to amazing start and I promise I’ll do better updating the blog 🙂

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