The Best Of 2012Being the absolute web analytics geek that I am, I’m always interested to see what content on our website people are interested in.  I “only” wrote 27 blog posts last year which is admittedly below my once per week goal for the site, but it was well above the one per month that I did in 2011.  I suppose the good news in that is this… I’d MUCH rather work on our client’s websites that on our own.  And this past year that’s exactly what I did.

2012 was an outstanding year for KTC Digital and I want to take this opportunity to once again thank all of our clients.  We absolutely LOVE working for you and look forward to continuing our relationships into 2013.  As I’ve always said, we don’t want to be simply a vendor… we want to be a business partner.

And without further adieu… The Top 10 Blog Post From 2012:

(Based On Number Of Views)

#10 – A Tribute To A Friend: The Rat Snake
A website we did in May which included a customized content management system, Facebook integration and online registration and donation forms.

#9 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Best Practices
SEO is vitally important to your website.  After all, you could have the greatest looking site in the world but if no one finds it it’s all for nothing.

#8 – Wi-Fi Is Great… But Protect Your Privacy
Free wi-fi at your local coffee shop is great, but this post reminds you to not forget about your privacy when surfing these very public networks.

#7 – Essential WordPress Plugins
We LOVE WordPress.  It’s an amazing product that allows us to produce easy to use, easy to update websites for our clients.  Here’s some tools that make it even better!

#6 – How Much Should You Pay For Your Website?
A question that anyone looking for a new website needs to be asking.

#5 – Invalid Security Token Error – Jetpack Comments And Twitter
There are times when technology doesn’t work exactly as its intended.  We uncovered this little anomaly in August and shared it with our readers.

#4 – Which Web Browser Is Best?
Another question I get asked all the time.  This is a comparison of the top 4 web browsers that attempts to answer the question.

#3 – Your Email Subject Line Is Important
A couple of prime examples why you really should double check what you put out there as your email subject line.

#2 – Email – You’re Not Too Important To Answer
This one is very dear to my heart.  I’ve dealt with far too many people that simply don’t respond to email.  It’s completely unprofessional and downright rude.

#1 – Facebook App BranchOut – Should You Be Branching Out?
Is it Facebook?  Is it LinkedIn?  Nope… it’s BranchOut.  And quite a few people want to know exactly what these app requests are all about.

One thing is clear.  Readers of this blog are interested in what we do.  Other BIG pages on the site this year were people looking to find out who we are, what we do and the services we offer.  If you’re looking for some help with your web property or your digital marketing needs please reach out… we’d love to help you!

Thanks for an outstanding 2012 folks.  2013 is already off to amazing start as we’ve got some HUGE things on the horizon.  Can’t wait to share them!

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