Marketing. Digital marketing. Marketing spend. PPC. SEO. Return On Investment.

We get bombarded with terminology on a daily basis. New social media platforms spring up regularly. And just as regularly marketers find a way to exploit those platforms. Gary Vaynerchuk (On Twitter @garyvee) often says, “Marketers ruin everything.”  I used to think he was dead wrong. Now I’m thinking he’s 100% right. Whether you agree with us or not is a discussion for another post but one thing is clear…

If you’re going to spend marketing dollars….
Make sure they’re SMART marketing dollars.

Instagram recently rolled out the concept of “sponsored posts“. Like many other platforms you can now see these sponsored (IE paid) posts in your feed.  I’m not here to tell you whether this is a good or bad use of your marketing spend. What I’m telling you though is to choose your posts wisely.

I saw this particular sponsored post from McDonald’s float through my Instagram timeline the other day:

McDonalds Sponsored Instagram Post

Now I’m not the world’s most foremost expert on burgers but I can tell you this…

These burgers are neither think nor are their juicy.

Because of that, this is 100% a digital marketing fail. Don’t be like McDonald’s… spend your marketing dollars wisely and make sure your creative is consistent with your message.

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