Shoemaker RiggingWe’re thrilled to announce the newest client that we’re working with – Shoemaker Rigging & Transport – The folks at Shoemaker came to us with a great looking website that was built on our favorite content management system WordPress that needed some updating.

About Shoemaker Rigging & Transport

Steven G. Shoemaker started S. Gary Shoemaker Rigging and Transport, in July, 2013 in Akron, Ohio. His father, Gary N. Shoemaker, expressed to him the clear market need for quality rigging services locally and across the U.S. especially for complicated rigging projects since his company, Keller Rigging and Construction, Inc., was closing its doors due to owner retirements.  Shoemaker Rigging quickly became not only one of the larger rigging companies in the industry, but was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in northeastern Ohio in 2016 in both revenues and new hires.

How KTC Digital Helped

The Shoemaker site was already built on WordPress but hadn’t been updated in quite some time. The installation of the software itself was out of date as were several of the plugins that were being used. We weren’t the original developers so we weren’t sure if there were customizations that would be lost due to updating to bring things current. We made sure to back everything up and systematically updated the site starting with WordPress itself. Before we knew it the site was up to date with any security vulnerabilities closed and ready to rock.

In addition to site updates, there was quite a bit of content that needed to be updated as well. Once the software the site was built on was updated we took care of the content edits. As we’ve said in the past, SEO (search engine optimization) isn’t a one-time thing and it should be an ongoing effort as your web property changes. The content of your site is the cornerstone of SEO and we’re super excited to see another of our clients taking the content on their site seriously.

We’re excited to embark on some ongoing SEO efforts for the Shoemaker Rigging team as well as some other project that we can’t talk about just yet 😉 Stay tuned!

You can find Shoemaker Rigging & Transport on the web at

Also, please visit them on Facebook at or on LinkedIn. Tell them KTC Digital sent you!

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