SEO Best Practices
The SEO Checklist

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the practice of making your website visible to a search engine.  When we refer to SEO, we’re talking about organic (or natural) search engine rankings as opposed to paid search.  We do not try to “trick” the search engines into finding your website.  We build all of our website so that they are visible and follow SEO best practices.

  • Getting Started – Your first goal when you sit down to write content should be to figure out what you’re going to be talking about.  While this may seem like an obvious place to start, you’d be surprised how many folks don’t think about it.  Once you’ve determined your topic, it should be relatively easy to determine which keywords and keyword phrases you’re going to be targeting.
  • Page or Post Title –  This is important.  It shouldn’t exceed 72 characters, should be at least 4 words in length and should include a keyword or keyword phrase.  This will tell both the search engines and your readers right away what they’re about to read.
  • Description – This shows up in search engine results or when you post a page on social media sites (such as Facebook).  Essentially it’s a “snippet” of what you’re writing.  It shouldn’t exceed 165 characters and should once again include a keyword or keyword phrase.
  • Content – The meat of your page or post.  For SEO purposes, your body should be at least 300 words and should include your keywords.  That said, don’t write PURELY for search engines.  Write copy in the “voice” that makes sense for your site.  It’s pretty obvious when people write just to get ranked in search engines.  While this may bring good rankings, your page won’t be shared or produce the results you’re looking for.  You should include hyperlinks in your copy as well.  These links can be other links within your site (internal links) or can link to another page on the web (external links).  Ideally, these hyperlinks will be to other relevant content.  If you start linking to random stuff, you’ll actually HURT your SEO.

As you can see, there’s a ton that goes into writing good copy from an SEO perspective.  If you’ve got questions or would like to talk about search engine optimization please contact us today.  We can’t get enough of this stuff!


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