The web is an ever changing place. I’ve often said that a website solution that works today may not work tomorrow. Technologies change. Tastes change. Clients who understand that their digital offerings need to change to keep up with the times tend to be the ones that service their customers better than others. Long time KTC Digital client ScareTissue does just that.

ScareTissue 2018If you’re a long time follower of KTC Digital you may recognize ScareTissue. They originally launched the site in 2013 to review horror movies and provide horror industry news and updates. In 2016 they updated their site so it would be mobile friendly in response to a Google algorithm change affectionately known as ‘Mobilegeddon’.

ScareTissue httpsEarlier this year the folks at ScareTissue were at it again. They went with a brand new design (pictured above). It’s still mobile friendly but it’s got some additional enhancements that their previous sites didn’t have. They’ve added several areas to their design for advertising opportunities. The big enhancement (and candidly one that we’re embarrassingly lacking here on our site) is a security certificate. While they’re not taking payment or any customer information on their site, a SSL certificate is now part of Google’s algorithm. Sites that are secure will get ranked better in Google or rather sites without a certificate will be penalized. We’ve got it set up so any ScareTissue URL that was bookmarked will now redirect to the secure version. So will now automatically redirect you to Try it out!

ScareTissue has their content grouped into several specific categories. Their home page now represents these categories so users can find exactly what they’re looking for right up front. Additionally, new content posted to the site is automatically shared to their social media channels for additional exposure.

You can find ScareTissue on the web at or on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Give them a like and a follow and tell them KTC Digital sent you!

Looking for an updated website for your company? Do you need to upgrade so it’s mobile friendly? Need to add a security certificate? Contact us today to request a quote!

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