Google Play LogoJust wanted to pass along a quick note. I logged into my Google Play Developer Console this morning to pull some metrics and got the following warning:

Phishing security alert: Some developers have received policy warning emails from a fake Google domain with variations of “Notification of Google Play Developer Term Violation” in the subject line. Please don’t click on any links in the email or other suspicious looking emails. The sender’s domain has been reported to our security team for investigation.

You can find out more about recognizing and reporting phishing emails on the Google Accounts Help Center. To help keep your account secure, make sure to only sign in to your account on trusted, https-enabled Google pages. If you think your account has been compromised, visit the Gmail Help Center for instructions on how to review or recover your account.

I personally haven’t received one of these notices, but if Google feels it’s important enough to post right on their login screen I wanted to make sure to point it out here. Be careful when clicking on links in email folks!

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