Update Your WebsiteAs I’ve posted about in the past, KTC Digital is proud member of Manta which is an organization that helps small businesses profit, connect and grow!  They offer a “Tip Of The Day” newsletter which provides some incredible information that sometimes you forget to think about.  Recently they send this that I wanted to pass along:

Revamp Your Website

“Websites are like art – some are magnificent like the Mona Lisa – they draw you in and make you look deeper. Then there are those that are more like a child’s finger-painting – sloppy and hard to decipher. Sometimes you need a little inspiration – or as Picasso put it, ‘Good artists copy, great artists steal.’ And no, we’re not advocating theft, but a quick look at competitors’ sites can help you see where you could make improvements. Your website is often the first impression you make to customers – so make diatribes about your greatness, crudely placed ads, typos, or long videos with trippy audio a thing of the past.”

This is a great tip whether you’ve had your website up and running for years or for just a few months.  The web is an ever changing landscape and your website should be too!  This can be accomplished through adding a blog to your site, adding fresh content on a regular basis and by interacting with your fans / readers.  Take a look at other sites out there and see what you like.  What from those sites can you incorporate into your web presence?

Remember, although it’s YOUR website, the site is ultimately about its visitors.  You’re putting yourself and your business out on the web for a reason.  Whether you’re selling a product, building a brand or just jotting down thoughts on a personal blog you always want to keep your audience in your mind.  The type of language, imagery and content you’re posting will absolutely affect how successful your site and ultimately your website’s goals are.

Does Your Website Need A Refresh?

We’d love to help. We’ll work with you to get you the site you’re looking for. If you’ve got a current site we’ll take a look at what’s there and give you recommendations to make it better.  If you’re starting from scratch we can help there too.  We’ll chat about your vision and work with you through the entire process to make sure you’re thrilled with the end result.  Contact us today and we’ll get started!

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