Nip Energy Dip

KTC Digital is proud to announce the launch of a new branding / marketing website for Nip Energy Dip –

Nip Energy Dip is a unique, safe alternative to smokeless tobacco. It is unique in the fake dip market in that it is made from natural sea sponge and infused with Vitamin B-12 and Caffeine.  It was designed to help people break away from the powerful grip of nicotine addiction. NiP Energy Dip contains no nicotine and no tobacco. was created to augment the Nip The Grip online store located at  KTC Digital built this new site on the WordPress content management system which allows Nip Energy Dip staff to add content to the site with little or no programming knowledge.  Additionally, we are able to optimize this new WordPress site for search engine visibility – something that the online store was lacking.

Features of the new website include:

  • Customized content management system (CMS)
  • Search engine optimized (SEO) pages for increased search engine visibility
  • Integrated analytics to track the visitor actions
  • Migration of relevant content from NipTheGrip website
  • Integrates with the Nip Energy Dip email marketing platform (MailChimp)

Since the site’s launch, Nip Energy Dip has been climbing in organic search rankings and has attained a Google Page Rank of 3 (as opposed to the NipTheGrip Page Rank of 2).  This is due in large part to better search engine optimization of pages and posts.  In addition to the website design and development, Nip Energy Dip hosted their new site with KTC Digital as well.  We are thrilled to be able to provide a platform for such a great cause!

Looking for a new branding platform for your business?  Do you need help integrating your website with your email marketing platform or social media sites?  Contact us today!  We’d love to help!

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