Scorpio Marketing LLC
Scorpio Marketing & Distribution

KTC Digital is thrilled to announce the launch of a website for our client… and partner… Scorpio Marketing & Distribution!

Scorpio Marketing & Distribution LLC offers a variety of services from new product development and distribution to sound engineering and production through multiple partners.  One of those partners is none other than KTC Digital!

We’ll be providing full digital marketing services ranging from website development to SEO (search engine optimization) and social media management for many Scorpio Marketing clients.  We’re absolutely floored to be a part of the Scorpio team and can’t wait to announce all the cool projects we’re working on!

As we said before, KTC Digital built the new Scorpio Marketing site.  We built it on a content management system which allows Scorpio frontman JC Clifford to add content to the site on the fly with little or no programming knowledge.  Not only that, but we are able to optimize this new Scorpio site for search engine visibility.

Features of the new Scorpio Marketing & Distribution website include:

  • Customized homepage portfolio to show off Scorpio’s projects
  • Customized content management system (CMS)
  • Search engine optimized (SEO) pages for increased search engine visibility
  • Social media integration on every page
  • Integrated analytics to track the visitor actions

You can find Scorpion Marketing on the web at, on their official Facebook page or on Twitter.  Tell em KTC Digital sent you!

We’re super pumped to be working with Scorpio and we simply can’t wait to announce some of the ROCKING clients we’ve been working on . Stay tuned! Looking for a new branding platform for your business or band?  Contact us today and let’s get rocking!!!

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