Drumtacs By Studio Lab Percussion
Drumtacs By Studio Lab Percussion

KTC Digital is thrilled to announce the launch of a new website for our clients Drumtacs by Studio Lab Percussion – www.drumtacs.com.  We were introduced to Drumtacs through our great friends and partner Scorpio Marketing.

Drumtacs are reusable, super tacky sound control pads to be used on percussive instruments (IE, drums, cymbals, bells, blocks, etc).  Used as directed, they will not flap, buzz, fly off or harm any percussive surface including: bottom heads, vertical heads, underneath cymbals, inside bells and blocks… even under heavy pounding and in extreme temperatures. A single Drumtac placed about an inch from the rim will remove only the high frequency overtone and leave a deeper focused sound.

Since building the site, Drumtacs have been endorsed by several professional drummers including Sean Fuller from Florida Georgia Line, Jimmy Elcock from the Jamie Lynn Spears Band, Rich Redmond drummer for Jason Aldean, Sean Winchester from Everclear and MANY more! (Check out the Drumtacs Artists here)

Features of the new Drumtacs website include:

  • Customized content management system (CMS)
  • Homepage featured scrolling marquee
  • Social media integration with Drumtacs Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Search engine optimized (SEO) pages for increased search engine visibility
  • Integrated analytics to track the visitor actions

Drumtacs is currently in a pre-launch phase with their e-commerce store coming shortly (courtesy of KTC Digital – stay tuned!).  Drumtacs will be an official sponsor of the upcoming 2014 Bonzo Bash Namm Jam.  We are incredibly excited to be engaged with such a dynamic group and are pumped to help them “Assume Control” over the drumming world.

You can find Drumtacs on the web at www.drumtacs.com, on the Official Drumtacs Facebook page or at Twitter by following @drumtacs.  Tell em KTC Digital sent you!

Looking for a new website for your business or an e-commerce platform?  Having a tough time integrating your social media platforms with your web presence? Contact us today and let us help get you started!!

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