For years, people have been asking for it, and this morning it seems their prayers have been answered. Facebook seems to have rolled out an updated “like” button that offers the ability to react. Essentially, this the “dislike” button people have been asking for.

Facebook Reaction Button

Now instead of just being able to “like” a post, you can add several feelings to your reaction including: Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry

React To Photo

To get to these, simply hover over the like button and these options will come up. Note that you can only “react” to the original post. All subsequent comments can still only be “liked”. This is available for both personal profiles as well as Facebook pages.

EDIT: I’m not sure at this point if this has been a global roll out or if they’re doing it gradually. Also, this doesn’t appear to work on mobile.

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