Respond To Your EmailsIn today’s digital age, you’ve got a ton on your plate.  You’ve got Facebook, Twitter and your website.  Your cell phone is ringing off the hook and you’re always connected.  You’ve got all of that to respond to and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of your email.  And while cleaning out your inbox may be a daunting task let me assure you of one thing: There’s nothing that will kill a business quicker than not responding to your clients.

First of all, you may very well be leaving business on the table and not even knowing it.  Often times, folks will reach out to a potential business partner long before they make a hiring decision.  Business these days is all about relationships.  How can you have a good relationship with someone if you’re not interacting with them by responding to an email?

Secondly, it’s just plain rude.  Now I’m not suggesting that you need to respond to every piece of SPAM that you get in your inbox and I’m not even suggesting that you always need to have the last email in a thread. What I am suggesting is that if there’s something that needs responding to it’s absolutely critical that you do so.  Did your client (or whoever you’re emailing) ask you a question?  You better answer it.  Don’t have to time respond to their email?  Pick up the phone can call them.  You know… the phone?  Yeah, it’s still a pretty important tool even in the “digital age”.

Not answering your email tells a lot about you.  If it’s your work email that you’re not responding to, it might suggest that your company isn’t worth working with.  Rest assured that there are other companies out there who WILL respond.  Is your business THAT booming that you’re willing to lose a potential client simply because you’re “too busy” to respond?  If it’s your personal email then not responding will tell someone that you don’t think they’re important enough to respond to.  This is a quick way to ensure that they won’t be emailing (or calling) you any time soon.

Rest assured, when you contact us, we respond.  In fact, we look forward to it.  We’ll talk to you soon!

Do you think we’re the only ones that feel this way?  Think again.  I belong to a “Tip Of The Day” email list courtesy of Manta.  Here’s their tip from just the other day:

Respond Promptly to Requests for Information
When customers request information about your company via email, a website form, over the phone or through some other means, they expect a quick response. When a company fails to respond–due to poor organization, incorrect contacts or a busy schedule–customers are left feeling abandoned and likely won’t do business with you now or in the future.

3 thoughts on “Email – You’re Not Too Important To Answer”
  1. I totally agree. Did you know that there is a type in the fourth paragraph, second sentence. Should read
    “your company isn’t worth working with”. Sorry for being picky:)

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