Senior NetworkingWhether you’re setting up a business, searching for a volunteer position, or just trying to remain social, networking is an important aspect of life. Now more than ever, networking seems to take place as much online as it does in person. However, as tech progresses and more people begin to network online, it can feel overwhelming for senior citizens.

If you’re a senior who’s looking for networking opportunities and need some advice on the best ways to stay connected and maintain relationships, here are some invaluable tips from Dreamoola.

Find a Volunteering Opportunity

One great way you can make sure you stay connected to your social network as a senior is to find a local volunteering opportunity. After retiring, you may have found your social circle has become smaller, but just because you’re not at work doesn’t mean you can’t help out in your community. You can find volunteering opportunities online or on community noticeboards.

Volunteering in a local shop, garden center, or community center is a fantastic way to expand your network, maintain friendships, and stay social. The Journals of Gerontology note that older individuals who volunteer experience a higher level of well-being compared to those who don’t.

Get Online With a Portable Tablet

Since the dawn of the internet and the development of social media sites, networking online has become increasingly prevalent. Statista reports that nearly 4 billion people now have access to social media, which allows them to communicate more effectively with friends, family, new people, and business contacts. This usually goes hand in hand with working from home, so be sure your home and home office is optimized for productivity. Take some simple steps to remove anything that may be a source of stress, such as clutter, and even bring in a little Mother Nature with a few extra houseplants.

As a senior who’s looking to network, a great first step is to invest in a top-quality tablet. A tablet offers improved text visibility for seniors and grants you access to the internet and all social media websites. However, premium tablets often come at a cost, so always make sure to protect your device with a case or cover.

Attend Local Events

If you already have access to the internet and don’t think you can commit to a volunteer position, attending regular local events is another great way to grow and maintain your network without too much commitment. Be confident, smile, and introduce yourself to people.

Regardless of your interests, there’s sure to be a local event suitable for you. Arts and crafts, markets, music classes, quizzes, and dance classes are just some of the events you can get involved with.

Attending these events will not only help you maintain relationships but could even help you learn a new skill, which is extremely beneficial for brain health in senior individuals.

Make Sure You Stay Connected

Whether you’re looking to get out and volunteer or want to purchase a tablet device to connect with others online, building and maintaining a network is extremely important.

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